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MultiPlug Features

Built to Unite Application Developers with Web Developers


Overall functionality is based upon a collection of individual MultiPlug Extensions that can be developed for bespoke needs.

Microsoft .Net

Extensions have the access to the large library of the .Net framework as well as third party libraries and legacy code wrappers.

Browser-based Web Apps

Extensions can produce a set of either Full Screen or framed Web Apps for user monitoring and control.

Runs Locally

MultiPlug is locally hosted on a device running Windows or Linux in a network topology customised to the solution.

White Label

Retheme the MultiPlug default dashboards to your existing corporate branding using familiar web technologies.

Extension Library

As Extensions are built they can be marketed from the MultiPlug Marketplace for reuse by other solution configurations.


The MultiPlug architecture will be familiar to developers who use the Publish–Subscribe design pattern. In most cases where this design pattern has already been used on existing third party data connectors the MultiPlug will provide a visual representation of their Events and Subscriptions.

  • Develop using common .Net tools
  • Web Apps are Rendered using ASP.NET Razor
  • Marketplace assists functionality reuse
  • Web sockets support instant visual updates
  • Sandboxes assure platform stability
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Extend MultiPlug for your own use

MultiPlug Extensions (also known as plug-ins or add-ons) provide the ability to extend the MultiPlug functionality based on published Nuget interface contracts.

Each Extension runs as its own software component within a sandbox to ensure platform stability, with its security permissions controlled at a granular level. At the most basic level, an Extension contract states it must provide two common assets; Events and Subscriptions.

After local or remote configuration, Extensions can subscribe to another Extension's Event. The payload data sent between Events and Subscriptions is in a simple Key Value form with no formal contract allowing Extension creators to dictate their own contracts.

The new functionality is packaged up into its own file which can be separately distributed, optionally with configuration data, for easy movement between MultiPlug instances.

With Visual Studio and Nuget, Developers can create a Extention today by using the command: Install-Package MultiPlug.Extension.Core

Nuget MultiPlug.Extension.Core
Nuget MultiPlug.Theme

Rebrand MultiPlug to your market

A similar process used to create MultiPlug Extensions can be used to apply a different theme to the default Overview and Setup dashboards and login screen. This give the possibility to rebrand and redistribute MultiPlug with the same corporate identity of a business to retain synergy between existing products.

As with creating Extension Web-Apps, the creation of a theme require the knowledge of well known web markup and styling technologies such as Html and Css as well as ASP.NET Razor Markup to insert live data.

The theme is packaged up into its own file which can be separately distributed as needed.

With Visual Studio and Nuget, Developers can create a new theme today by using the command: Install-Package MultiPlug.Theme

In Action

The look and feel can be fully customised







MultiPlug Extensions

Just a few examples currently available on the Marketplace

File Read and Write

Monitor file changes and read whole or partial parts of the file. Also subscribe to external event and write the contents to file.


Contains a library of 'If This Then That' components to temporarily or permanently halt events by the means of simple rules or timers.


Dynamically create REST API Endpoints and Trigger HTTP requests. Connect to Sockets and create simple startup and shutdown handshakes.


Create dashboards using .Net Razor Markup and project these dashboards locally using one or more Google Chromecasts. Ideal for large dashboard displays.


Parse text using Regular expressions (Regex) and forward on the result in a new event. Tranform text into a new format using Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) and forward on the result in a new event.


Brainboxes is a designer and manufacturer of data and I/O connectivity products. Connect to Brainboxes and subscribe to I/O changes.


Read and Write to the serial ports, the oldest forms of communication port, but are still widely used in many industries. Also write to LPT ports commonly used for printing.


Connect to cameras to perform a capture on an event, before creating a new event with the image Url.

Example Uses

MultiPlug can be used for a multitude of industrial and consumer applications

Our Partners

We work with a wide range of partner organisations to ensure MultiPlug is modular, scalable and highly configurable.

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