MultiPlug Extension Core 1.0.54

Create Extensions for the MultiPlug .Net Edge Computing Platform using this library

Release Notes

To create an MultiPlug Extension:
* Extend a class from 'MultiPlugExtension' class.
* The Extension name will be the value of the 'Product' in the Assembly Information of the project.
* The Assembly name should be prefixed it with 'MultiPlug.Ext.'
* Target .Net Framework 4.7.2.
* Optionally upload the Extension Assembly file to Nuget OR place it in the extensions folder within the MultiPlug home directory, within a folder of the same name as the Extension Assembly .dll file.
* Enable it within the MultiPlug User Interface or the MultiPlug.config file.

1.0.54 Refactoring
1.0.53 Refactoring: MPSignal changes to Action
1.0.52 Enhancement: MultiPlugSignals is now used to signal to MultiPlug that changes have been made to Events, Subscriptions and HTTPEndpoints
1.0.51 New Attributes for HTTPEndpoints
1.0.50 Attributes
1.0.49 Refactoring: IConfigurator renamed to IRecipe
1.0.48 Enhancement: MultiPlugAPI can now be accessed from MultiPlugExtension
1.0.47: MultiPlug.Base to 1.0.33. Lots of refactoring. ExtensionBase renamed to MultiPlugExtension. All Lists removed.
1.0.46 Enhancement: Razor templates source must be declared upfront and not on every on every response.
1.0.45: MultiPlug.Base to 1.0.28
1.0.44: MultiPlug.Base to 1.0.23
1.0.43: ITheme added to allow Extensions to serve Themes and Assets.

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